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Welcome to STC Austin

Welcome to the website for the Austin Chapter of the Society for Technical Communication (STC).

STC Austin has a goal to help our members increase their possibilities by educating organizations on the value of Technical Communicators. This website is meant to be a resource where members can find information on education, employment and networking opportunities. This home page will have "Headlines" showing the latest events and information with links to more detailed pages. Each section listed in the menu to the left will contain additional information not found on the home page, so be sure to navigate through the menu.

We will also list Chapter meetings (in Events). These meetings are an opportunity for individuals to meet, network, exchange ideas and help direct the chapter. Be sure to check the location and time of each meeting. Austin is a large city and we try to alternate between north and south to cut down on traveling. We will also be streaming the meetings in case you can not attend in person, so look for those links as well.

Documentation is not just an expense, it is a valuable asset that organizations use to increase the experience of the people they serve. Technical Communicators are the key to successful documentation, and STC Austin wants to be the key to their success.

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